Global Leader in Thin Wall HF Welded Tube Manufacturing

Our product is used by the world’s very best heat exchanger manufacturers in automotive, power generation, off-road / heavy duty and military applications.

At Arzon, we have specialized in manufacturing thin-wall high frequency welded tubes for more than 40 years. We build long-term relationships with our customers, sharing and demonstrating a strong commitment to overcoming challenges. We work closely with our customers to innovate new solutions that improve the performance of their processes, products and services.

Arzon is recognized for dependability and its track-record of exceeding expectations

Loyal customer base with repeat customers representing 95% of sales volume in FY21.
Significant Repeat Business from a Global Customer Base.

It’s not just what we do —
it’s also how we do it

Choosing Arzon ensures superior products and service throughout the complete customer journey and it also means choosing a company that ensures it behaves honestly, ethically and professionally. We also want to do our part for the community at large.

We facilitate institutional learning by ensuring uniform application of best practices, standards and accountable behaviors.

Safety & Sustainability

at the leading edge of the formation of our industry towards a more sustainable future

Emissions Management and Reduction (Energy use, Energy efficiency)
Driving increase in operational efficiency and promoting low carbon solutions
Circular economy solutions
Strong and sustainable safety leadership
Continually raising standards to improve our health and safety performance
Ensuring our workforce is fully engaged in health, safety and the environment
Diversity & Inclusion Policy

Significant Events

Company founded in 1980
Re-org and Strategic shift in 1995
Capacity expansion 1998, 2000, 2004, 2012
New facility in 2012
IATF 16949 registration in 2016
Recognized as a Top 500 Canadian Growth company in 2019
Acquired by LB Advisors, LLC in December 2023

Engaged, Capable & Energized People

Continuous development of new competencies to identify and eliminate barriers, A fact-based & open culture, driving new ideas and customer value. We facilitate institutional learning by ensuring uniform application of best practices, standards and accountable behaviors.

Arzon’s 3xC’s: Character, Courage and Competence

Customer loyalty is re-earned every single day by being a partner at your side designing and supplying heat transfer solutions with superior reliability, industry leading turnaround times, and a mission to optimize your life-cycle costs.

Arzon Limited