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Embracing ESG for Competitive Advantage in Heat Exchanger Manufacturing

Prioritizing environmental, social, and governance factors can give heat exchanger manufacturers a strategic edge.
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Applying DFMEA and PFMEA in Heat Exchanger Manufacturing

Journey into heat exchanger manufacturing: DFMEA, PFMEA, and the path to unprecedented reliability.
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High-Frequency Welding in Automotive and Industrial Tube Production

Dive into the world of high-frequency welding (HFW) as we unveil the intricate process shaping primary surfaces for thermal management systems, exploring the fusion of precision, reliability, and cutting-edge technology.
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Advancements in Aluminum Alloys and Brazing for Automotive and Off- Highway Heat Exchangers

The article covers a wide range of topics, from alloying elements' impact on performance to brazing techniques, fatigue resistance, and corrosion prevention.
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Exploring Thermal Design and Material Considerations in Radiator Construction

Learn more about the complexities of achieving optimal heat dissipation and pressure drop and gain insights into tube design optimization for enhanced heat transfer.
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Hydrogen economy sets new requirements for thermal management

Optimal thermal management allows for effective use of the fuel cell systems by product, heat, leading to substantial increases in overall system efficiency.
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BEV Thermal Management

The thermal management system of the battery with the role of optimizing the operation of the battery in terms of performance and life.

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