Brass tubes

Arzon’s process capability in Copper or Brass tubes offer our customers the industry’s tightest tolerances. We offer an assortment of gauges and also corrosion resistance enhanced alloys to minimize risks such as dezinfication.

Copper or Brass continues to be the material of choice when heavy-duty performance is demanded. With its superior heat conductivity, durability and reparability, requirements for thin-wall brass tubes continue to grow globally.

Additional value-added Arzon processes include regular or lead-free solder coating, as well as dimpled PROFILE tubes for low-flow applications. All tube packaging is export compliant and engineered to help ensure safe arrival and storage optimization at your facility.

The company offers sophisticated zone dimpling technology which enhances the quality of the finished heat exchanger.

Brass tubes
Flat Oval
5mm – 26mm
0.12mm – 0.45mm
100mm – 6m
Arzon Limited