Multichamber and other special tube profiles

Arzon engineers tube solutions and surfaces with enhancements enabling to promote stronger heat transfer and uninterrupted heat flow.

Thermal management plays a major role in terms of energetic efficiency and also as means to achieve required emission levels as well as operating comfort. Heat exchanger tube acts as a primary surface and the fluid flow behavior of various flow-regimes needs to be optimized. Perhaps the easiest way to think of it is that turbulence mixes the fluid, so in the case of a hot surface and a cold fluid, turbulence in the boundary layer brings cold fluid from the bulk flow near to the wall and takes hot fluid from near the wall and transports it away into the bulk flow where it mixes with cold bulk fluid. Arzon engineers tube surfaces with enhancements enabling to promote stronger local heat transfer by breaking the boundary layer even in low flot velocities. Another important development is the multichamber tube which creates an uninterrupted heat flow medium from coolant to air with the maximum surface area. Unlike conventional multi-row tube radiators, these multichamber tubes provide high conduction heat transfer due to a larger surface contact of fins and tubes.

As the interpretation of life of vehicles continues to increase, the design targets and the life of the heat exchangers where our components are utilized increase along with it. In parallel with this process a continuous drive for light-weight components optimizing the material footprint of a particular vehicle. This means that resistance against thermal and mechanical loads as well as developing corrosion-resistant layers for different corrosive environments, e.g., chemical and marine. This means a close collaboration with alloy manufacturers and in-depth understanding of the key manufacturing processes such as Controlled Atmosphere Brazing (CAB). Thinner materials and more sophisticated alloys require precise control over the temperature-time profiles ensuring proper microstructure formation and desired mechanical properties.

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